How to Play MKV Files

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A MKV or Matroska file is a format that can support a huge number of video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks inside a single file. The menu options on MKV files are quite similar to a regular DVD menu. An encoder is present within this file along with compressed video and audio streams, therefore you will need a codec to read it. Theses codecs can easily be downloaded from the Internet. Its main purpose is to create a format with multimedia storage along with being completely open source. In many ways, MKV is similar to other containers such as MP4, AVI, ASF etc, but it is overtaking other formats such as MP4 and MP3, because of its various advantages. The main advantage and feature of an MKV file is its ability to hold unlimited open-source video, audio and subtitling tracks within the single file format.

MKV files usually have three extensions:

.mkv – Include subtitles and audio
.mka – Include audio-only files
.mks – Include subtitles only

How to play an MKV file?

The first step would be to download an appropriate codec. After downloading and saving, you need to install it on your PC. After installing it, right click on the file you want to open and open with your preferred application. If any error is encountered while opening the file, it is likely that you have not downloaded the correct codec. You can repeat the process again. 

You Can Download ac3filter and VLC Player to Play mkv files with out any problem 

Real Player

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Real Player is the Best of all the players and the point is that it can play any format of the video/audio file by downloading its codec... So Guyz what are you waiting for download and install it into your Computer :)

AC3 Filter

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AC3Filter is high quality freeware DirectShow audio decoder and processor filter used to decode audio tracks in movies (DVD, MPEG4 and others). It has a priority on wide functionality and convenient settings

AC3 Filter can decode following audio formats: AC3 / DTS / MPEG Audio. It also supports multi-channel and digital (SPDIF) outputs.

Features of AC3 Filter 1.63 :

- Decoding of AC3/DTS/MPEG1/2 Audio Layer I/II formats 
- Support of DVD, AVI/AC3, AVI/DTS, WAV/AC3 and WAV/DTS 
- Audio processing for any source 
- Decomposition of any source to 6 channels 
- Full information about audio track format 
- Support of SPDIF passthrough mode 
- Multi-channel audio output from all sources on SPDIF (on-the-fly AC3 encoding) 
- Per-channel amplification for all input/output channels 
- Per-channel delays (for compensation of distance difference to speakers) 
- Automatic gain control 
- Clipping 
- Dynamic Range Compression, DRC 
- Level indication for input and output channels 
- Matrix mixer and ability of direct modification of mixing matrix 
- Dolby Surround / Pro Logic / Pro Logic II downmix

Tags :

- Audio Codec Tag 2000 may be requested when AC3 Filter is missing.
- Audio Codec Tag 8192 may be requested when AC3 Filter is missing.
- It also solves AC3 DVM codec missing, reported by AVIcodec utility.

Changes in AC3 Filter 1.63b :

- AC3 decoding bug fixed (Issue 1)
- Channel order bug fixed (issue 43)
- Remote control using messages
- Write version number to the registry on install (issue 17)
- Command line interface for AC3Config utility (run ac3config /? for help)
- Swedish translation added (thanks to Niclas Burgren)
- French language updated (thanks to Philippe AGUESSE)

Changes in AC3 Filter 1.46 :

- AC3 encoder bitrate is now adjustable
- Korean translation added (thanks to starcodec)
- Upmixing of Dolby Surround files works now (thanks to Stefan Schott)
- MPEG Audio Joint stereo playback fixed (thanks to Daniel Bechter)
- Problem with decimal point in mixing matrix on some non-english Windows (thanks to Marcin Hencz)

Changes in AC3 Filter 1.11 :

- Now filter saves output settings to preset (so now you can create presets with different output configurations)
- Tray icon and some other options display fixed