1. Unarchive the package and use the files from Release folder if you're running Windows 9x/Me or Release Unicode if you're running Windows 2000/XP.

2. Copy DLL or AX files in system32 folder [ C:WINDOWSsystem32 ]

3. Click on Start > Run...

• To install the files, type: regsvr32 filename.dll or regsvr32 filename.ax
• To uninstall the files, use: regsvr32 -u filename.dll or regsvr32 -u filename.ax

4. In the end, you should receive a message saying that your file was succesfully installed/uninstalled.

An easy way to register/unregister [install/uninstall] the files is to use one of these small tools:
• RadLight Filter Manager - can be used to list all registered codecs and to register or unregister codecs.
• DirectShow Filter Manager: helps to list, sort, find, add or remove DirectShow filters.
• RegShell - a handy utility that will help you avoid the inconvenience of running regsvr32 from the start menu all the time.
• DllRegSvr - allows to register/unregister DLL and OCX codec files using RegSvr32 tool.
• Emsa DLL Register Tool - register dll/ocx filters, codecs... and get extended file informations