DC-DSP Filter 1.03

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DC-DSP Filter is a Microsoft DirectShow 9 Audio Filter which is able to Process (decoded) 8/16/24/32 Bit Integer PCM and 32 Bit IEEE Float Audio Data.

It works on every Win32 Platform (except NT) with DirectX 9 or above installed.

Features of DC-DSP Filter 1.03 :

- A Dynamic Filter list that allows to use as much DSP Filters as needed.
- Multiple Instances are possible.
- Can export Visualazation and PCM Data to any Application (see Sample Apps in the source\samples Directory).
- Supports up to 10 Channels. 
- Most Filters can be configured to do seperate DSP on each Channel.
- Each combination of Filters can be saved into a Preset.
- Winamp2 DSP and Visual Plugin Support (Note that not every Plugin is working!).
- Audiotrack delaying through Timestamps changing.
- Bitrate Conversion.
- Stream Switching through IAMStreamSelect with Matroska, OGM and AVI Language Detection. 
- Supports different MediaTypes on each Pin. 
- Works in Windows Media Player 9 and 10. 
- Trayicon for fast access to the Property Page.

DSP Filters :

Amplification; Band Pass; Channel Reordering; Compressor; Down Mix; Dynamic Amplification; Echo/Delay; 10 Band Equalizer with Presets (Load/Save); Flanger; High Pass; Low Pass; Notch; Parametric Equalizer; Phase Invert; Phaser; Pitch Scale; Pitch Shift; Sound 3D (2 Channels only); Tempo; Treble Enhancer; True Bass 

MS DMO Filters :

DMO Chorus; DMO Compressor; DMO Distortion; DMO Echo; DMO Flanger; DMO Gargle; DMO I3DL2 Reverb; DMO Param EQ; DMO Waves Reverb

How to use :

When loading a File (Movie or Audio) in your MediaPlayer you should see "DC-DSP Filter" in the Filtergraph´s List. You can control the Filter through the Propertypage.

Changes in DC-DSP Filter 1.03 :

The new Version has a better check for previous Instances, integrates a faster Memory Manager and, thanks to Jason Huang, an improved Compressor Filter. A few Bugs has been fixed too ...